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Updates for Waves of the Atlantide.

Once I Sat Engaged and Rescuing Update v1.10[]

April 15, 2019

Hello Steam !

Today's patch comes in a bit earlier than planned, fixing an issue with specific types of keyboards.

There is now a new option in the Input category where you can chose between Qwerty and Azerty if the automated detection fails for your hardware.

And it is not all !

Battles UI has been extended to show health and amount of troops involved. While the design isn't final yet it should already be clear enough to showcase what is going on in battles for everyone !

Tutorial also got a significant lifting, making it better looking, with less text and more interactions ! Hopefully that will make it a more pleasant experience to all our fellow new players looking at learning the ropes.


  • Battle UI now shows defender and attacker troop health and count


  • Improved look of tutorial, doesn't occlude whole screen as much and instead has a blue border arround elements it focuses on
  • Lowered amount of text in several tutorial steps
  • Added interactivity to several steps of the tutorial


  • Added Input option to set keyboard layout (in case automatic detection fails which can occur with some keyboard types)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed selecting army through idle army shortcut not showing proper data in the selected element UI
  • Fixed issue when the selected tile is a city next to the ocean that gets destroyed
  • Fixed a case of forest tiles wrongly showing on edge of fog of war for mp clients

Big thanks to our fellow community member who shared his log file, which helped tremendously working out that keyboard issue.

In a Kingdom Full of Means Update v1.9[]

April 11, 2019

Hello Steam !

Today's patch ships with several suggestions from our fellow community.

First, please welcome the new member in the AI familly, the baby. That adorable baby AI will help newcomers familiarise themselves with their surroundings until they can hopefully take on actual challenges !

Exploring the world will now bring additional benefits in form of one time only resource loots that can be found on plains. This is a first pass and there will be more to it over time, for now when you see sacks of grain or gears on the ground simply visit the tile with an army to collect food or science. Also, first come first served so act fast !

AI military decisions are now affected by their difficulty which should contribute alongside the baby AI to offer an experience with a scallable difficulty for all tastes.

This also fixes several issues with food gain and upkeep, so even without being the needed overhaul this is already a great step forward.

There's also a new ambient music, the first of many more to come and a bunch of fixes, notably fixing some visual issues for multiplayer clients.


  • Added a first pass of random resource loot system, you may now find food or science in plains when exploring the world that can be collected by armies, shows a visual effect with the player color when an army collects one
  • Visuals
  • Improved accuracy of the fog of war effect to lower undesired leaking on surrounding tiles
  • Multiplayer
  • MP Clients will now receive all relevant data needed to display world tiles on the edge of the fog of war


  • Added new "Baby" difficulty AI, slower to perform some actions, does more random things instead of optimal actions
  • AI difficulty now affects its millitary decisions, lower difficulty AIs will tend to make more random calls


  • Added a first ambient music in game on top of the forest rustling ambient sound, plays with a large interval currently to limit repetition

Bug fixes

  • Fixed display of the food upkeep wrongly accounting the per city gain bonus of technologies
  • Fixed gain and upkeep ticks wrongly doubled up, leading to massively confusing changes in food amount
  • Fixed armies going in or out of view with camera staying still not properly refreshed visually
  • Fixed MP clients sometimes getting false victory or similar player lost related event, for exemple when seeing the only known city of a player getting destroyed/captured
  • Fixed several cases of world tiles visuals refresh issues on the edge of the fog of war, notably for MP clients
  • Fixed a rare error in the colonization process client side that could break the frontier re-generation
  • Fixed some cases that could break the frontier generation for MP clients when not having visibility of the whole territory island

Note: this version is not compatible with older versions in multiplayer

Thanks again to everyone who contributed, please keep providing awesome feedback it's really shaping the game for the best !

Two Bold Uncles Jumping to the Beat Update v1.8[]

April 6, 2019

Hello Steam !

Today's patch will bring joy to all multiplayer lovers ! It focuses mainly on improving the multiplayer experience, fixing issues and adding some of the missing game data to clients.

Visually, aside from a last couple minor issues, the game will now appear to MP clients identical to the singleplayer, and all weird behaviours should already be sorted out.

There's also a few sens making changes recommended by our fellow community, fixing some ways to break the tutorial, and naming cities in such way that it can be kept track of.

And finally a healthy amount of fixes and improvements, all listed bellow !


  • Cities are now named after their creator and number, will simplify keeping track of cities
  • Tutorial now prevents erosion from occuring, runs without AI opponents, prevents from moving the camera or using shortcuts that could block progress in the tutorial
  • Armies from another player occupying a neutral area now prevent colonization from granting that area


  • Now syncing battle defender and attacker strength to clients so it can be displayed over the battle widget
  • Now syncing the erosion begin horn warning sound to clients

Bug fixes

  • Fixed city visual not updated above 10 levels of average food and production
  • Fixed some issues with city areas taken by another player
  • Fixed city not cleaned up properly when liberated/destroyed by a player
  • Fixed Selected element widget showing wrong data when opening the empire menu after having selected an area

Bug fixes Multiplayer

  • Fixed client food not falling all the way to 0 when having a negative upkeep gain balance for MP clients
  • Fixed MP clients not receiving all information about surrounding visible land they should be
  • Fixed client not seeing army stationing when it occurs while army is in view
  • Fixed client not always seeing the army stationing/unstationing widget
  • Fixed armies not going all the way in to their target location during actions such as colonizing when viewed from MP client side
  • Fixed cases of client receiving eroded area information not properly taken care of

Note: this version is not compatible with older versions in multiplayer

Big thanks to everyone who contributed to this great new version of WotA !

Regards, _met44

The Giant Hat Update v1.7[]

April 4, 2019

Hello Steam !

Have some really cool changes ready for you.

The battle widget now displays attacking and defending strength ! This will help tremendously seeing what is going on with the battle.

While there is more to be shown, this first step is be a great improvement for anyone trying to get better at fighting in WotA. Based on feedback collected after this update, more might be added.

Defeating another player now grants all of his remaining territory. This will reward the best strategists who manage to score a hit before the ocean does !


  • Now showing attacker and defender strength over the battle widget


  • Now gaining whole remaining territory when defeating another player
  • Liberating an area from a player (attacking away from own territory, without capture) now destroys the city
  • Visuals
  • Added a sample effect when capturing an area from another player

Bug fixes

  • Fixed battles not terminated when the area it takes place on is destroyed
  • Fixed battles between AIs showing up over the fog of war
  • Fixed areas part of a defeated player territory not properly cleaned up and left unusable
  • Fixed running battles not cleared out when a player is defeated
  • Fixed input and visual issues due to army getting destroyed while being selected
  • Fixed input locking up occurring when having an army both selected and hovered while it is stationing or unstationing

Keep the feedback coming !

Regards, _met44

Found a bleeding fox on the road Update v1.6[]

April 3, 2019

Hello Steam !

Today, we're celebrating the first week of WotA's early access !

It is a great occasion to thank all our players, twitchers, youtubers, curators and fans from twitter who have been playing, commenting, reviewing and providing incredible feedback that is shaping up the game for the best.

One of the most anticipated change so far is being addressed by this patch. Each troop now requires 3 food units as upkeep and you no longer have to worry about the cost being exponential.

This is a first step of a series of changes that will streamline the game, and make it easy to understand and play.

As a result of this change, IA no longer splits up its armies to maintain a low food upkeep which should make it feel much more human like.

  • Balancing
  • Army upkeep is now 3 food per troop
  • Erosion is now better spread out throughout the course of the game (missing from 1.5 notes)


  • AI no longer splits armies to lower upkeep down to gains level

Bug fixes

  • Fixed case of the selected element info panel not showing the right data
  • Fixed city tutorial regression

Hope you enjoy the changes, feel free to share your feedback on the hub.

Regards, _met44

Shone Like Swimming Goldfish Update v1.5[]

April 2, 2019

Hello Steam !

I've been watching how everyone is playing, and based on what I've seen so far came up with a new piece of UI to provide feedback about what you're interacting with.

When you select an army or an area you will now see information about it displayed, which clarifies both what you're currently interacting with and how relevant things work internally.


  • Added a new selected element info panel when selecting an army or an area
  • Army info panel shows army size, strength and upkeep
  • Area info panel shows land type and erosion fragility
  • Added tooltips to resource stats in the game over screen

Bug fixes

  • Fixed created food stat not showing the right value in the game over stats screen
  • Fixed the city placement preview remaining active after selecting an army or city with shortcuts

Regards, _met44

Never Eat Without Me Update v1.4b[]

31 MAR @ 4:46AM WOTA GAME Hello Steam !

This is really tiny patch but a rather important one ! Bigger stuff that's coming next isn't ready quite yet but this is, so I'm putting it out there for you right now as this will help anyone trying multiplayer tonight.

This new v1.4b bring proper time sync to multiplayer. Hopefully you wont notice it as the whole point for this technical stuff is to go unnoticed but if you've played several MP games in a row yet, chances are you know what this is for.

There's still a long road ahead to get the full multiplayer experience polished up but this is taking WotA that much closer to it !

Regards, _met44

Shoot of a Demon Update v1.4[]

March 30, 2019

Hello Steam !

Here's a little patch to get us warmed up for the week-end.

Seen a lot of people commenting about the lack of stats in the game over screen, so I went ahead and did something about it. There will be a lot more in this regard later on, this is a qUIck pass to get it started !

This also ships with slight controls & AI improvements.


  • Now showing some stats when game is over, it shows how much you expanded, how much you produced and how well you used things you produced

Bug fixes

  • Fixed a rare case of controls locking up on an army
  • Fixed a case of *AI no longer attacking

This is just the beginning and there is some cool follow up in the pipeline, stay tuned !

Regards, _met44

Nuzzle of a Phantom Cat Update v1.3[]

March 29, 2019

Hello Steam !

Third (and last) round of fixes and improvements for today, hopefully getting rid of remaining control issues that have been reported.

This also brings some significant improvements to the AI's ability to defend and attack when areas surrounding its territory have been colonized.

As a little bonus, there is an additional visual when selecting the attack action. It shows which areas can be claimed through victory in green and which can be attacked but without claim in yellow. [Reminder, it is only possible to expand your own territory ! Attacking remote areas doesn't grant it, and only removes it from another player's territory]

Bug fixes

  • Fixed city menu not closing when right clicking on another area
  • Fixed issues with players outer frontier calculations which as a result further improves AI ability to attack and defend
  • Improved support for filling up smaller maps with more players, fixing extreme cases, up to a point that could break the game (ie map size 10x10 with 8-10 players)


  • WIP attack action preview showing in green attackable areas that would be taken and yellow areas that would not

Big thanks to all who contributed to this with feedback and bug reports throughout various channels !

Regards, _met44

The Bendy Rock Update v1.2[]

28 MAR @ 10:53PM WOTA GAME Hello Steam !

Second round of fixes today, notably making AI that much more interesting to play against by fixing a pathfinding issue.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue in some cases when playing several games without restarting
  • Fixed army not properly deselected after receving an order if changing from stationed to unstationed
  • Fixed pathfinding wrongly going through territory of some other players

Regards, _met44

Quiet Cape Town Update v1.1[]

March 28, 2019 Hello Steam !

Here goes the first round of fixes, there will be more tiny patches like that over the course of that first week of early access as I gather feedback.

Bigger changes will start rolling out over time as the game is made stable with how everyone is playing it !

Gameplay changes:

  • Now deselecting army after giving it an order
  • Added colonize to right click quick actions when targeting a colonizable area

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed issues when armies are given orders while off screen

Multiplayer Fixes:

  • Fixed clients missing victory message
  • Fixed fog of war not revealing when client move armies

Big thanks to all the twitchers and youtubers who have been showing the game so far, you guys are the best !

Regards, _met44