Waves of the Atlantide Wiki

Winning and Losing[]

  • Victory: last player alive wins.
  • Defeat: a player loses the game when out of cities.


You can control all of the game with your sole mouse.

However, combining it with keyboard shortcuts is the ideal way to play and will make a significant difference in how well you perform.

Move the camera using WASD or ZQSD depending on your keyboard layout.


Available actions are contextual.

The displayed action can be triggered by hitting the displayed key as well as clicking the action button itself.

Escape will either:

  • Cancel the current action (ie while giving orders to an army)
  • Deselect the currently selected army or tile
  • Close the current menu
  • Toggle the pause menu


In the HUD, icons related to a menu can be interacted with to toggle their respective menu:

  • The ranking menu (F5)
  • The empire menu (F1)
  • The science menu (F2)


Cities generate production points, food gains, science points and troops. The city menu provides detailled information about resources and queued.

Production Material[]

  • Production Material: Production material is required to create everything in the city.
  • It is local to each city.
  • Each city can hold up to 100 units.
  • Production material is composed of the local production level and bonuses.
  • When requirements are not met, the missing resource will be shown in red.'


Each city contributes to your empire's food gains. Food is required to create and maintain armies.

==Science Level Each new science level yields permanently to your empire a science point. Science points are required to unlock technologies.

Produce Troop[]

Armies get the dirty work done for you:

  • Explore unknown areas
  • Colonize new territories
  • Defend from enemy attacks
  • Attack enemies

When troops are ready, they either form their own army, or join the existing one on the city if any.

A troop costs 1 production material and 1 food to create.

Pro tip: Beware of your production queues, cities will wait for food to be available to move forward in the production queue and you will be out at times.

Scaling Up[]

As you expand your empire, it can become harder to control each city individually/ The Empire Menu is great for working with this. Here you get quick access to both individual city productions and mass scale

  • All cities at once
  • Adding or cancelling productions.

This allows you to quickly get things going in your empire while being busy with handling your fleet of armies and raging battles.

Empire menu can be toggled with its F1 shortcut as well as the HUD city icon.'